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RoadBlade is a heavy duty product engineered to be able withstand the forces of multiple heavy vehicles and is bi-directional. It can be deployed or installed in virtually all terrain due to its load spreading properties. It is equally effective against run flat and self sealing tires.

It can be remotely operated, thereby minimizing exposure to the operator, once in place it can be activated and deactivated in seconds. Its is highly durable and designed for low cost maintenance.

RoadBlade is designed to secure perimeters and entrances from intruder and threat vehicles. It is ideal for military bases and field deployments such as checkpoint security, traffic management, roadblock security, airport security, nuclear power plants, oil refineries and more. RoadBlade systems are currently used by the US Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy, the Port Authority of Vancouver, Ministry of Defense, nuclear weapons refurbish plants, and oil refining and distribution facilities through out the world.

"Should a vehicle pass over the RoadBlade tyre shredder while the system is active... a vehicle is on its rims immediately."

RoadBlade Activated
RoadBlade De-activated

Since its debut on the market, RoadBlade has evolved into an effective method of force protection against unlawful intruders. RoadBlade now offers four RoadBlade packages, each having its own strengths. Each one of these systems has the same basic purpose... to stop the threat vehicle.

RoadBlade systems start out at a standard length of 3.66m/12 ft, which contain 7 interlocking 50.8cm/20 in modules that can be extended up to 7.62m/25 ft. Each module has 5 stainless steel retractable blades. The modules themselves are designed to withstand over 50,000kg of force, enabling them to carry high traffic volumes.

When the blades are in the active (up) position, vehicles coming in either direction are at risk for having their tyres deflated. This allows you to completely shut down any traffic control zone where the tyre shredder is deployed. While the blades are inactive (down) vehicles can safely pass over the RoadBlade without any tyre damage. Surface mount tyre shredders also function as a speed bump while the blades are down, enabling you to control the flow of traffic.

Should a vehicle pass over the RoadBlade tyre shredder while the system is active, its tyres will deflate from the 3-4 gashes caused by the blades slicing them. A vehicle is on its rims immediately, typically within 9m.

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